Mission Statement – This is a community focused on facilitating discussions, education, advocacy, and policy change related to the responsible scientific, therapeutic and spiritual uses of psychedelics.

Vision – We envision a world in which people are in harmony with nature, connected and communicating to enrich each other, and living an inspired life.

What? – We are gathering to ensure that access to naturally occurring entheogens (low toxicity psychedelic substances like mushrooms and Ayahuasca) will be available for people interested in their benefits, especially vulnerable communities. This includes people growing their own mushrooms, with harm reduction through peer support and education.

How? – To accomplish this, we are cooperating to update the current legal status of those substances in Kansas City. A recent campaign by advocates successfully moved cannabis into legal medical availability. We aim to use the same type of petition to include naturally occurring entheogens in legally available medical treatments.

Why? – Through education and communication, methods for using the entheogens that respect indigenous cultures, that have been using psychedelic plants and fungi probably back to the stone age, and have been an integral part of our story. The time has returned for the connection to nature.

YOU! – Want to join us? Come to a meeting! Want to see what we’re talking about? Check out our forum!




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